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First denied anthologyyy

So a while back, before summer started, I submitted a comic to an Anthology. But it got declined. The reply I got told me (meaning what I interpreted it as), I don't think they meant it to be for friends, not pets or animals.

I will admit, I finished this three days before the original due date, and didn't fix what I wanted to fix/make it look better/read better for the next month it was given as an extended due date.

But I forgot about it and decided I can share it, now!!

The theme was "How we met" and it's about how I met my, now, 14 year old cat, Bear. C:

It was still fun to draw. I love telling this story of how I got my cat. She's such a sweetheart, and loves everybody.
Mom said she looked scraggly and gangly when we first found her, but she's always looked like the fluffy beauty she is, now.
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